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"Great. Felt a million times better!”

~ Christy Dileo, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack


"Best and most thorough massage I've ever had. I'd recommend to anyone."

~ Tammy Spicer, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack


"Let me first start by apologizing to Jack for such a delayed review of his services. 

If you are looking for a true professional masseuse, Jack is the man. I hired Jack to come to my home and give chair massages to a group of ladies for a birthday celebration. Jack arrived on time with all of his own equipment. The only thing he requested was a trash can! The ladies at the party loved the massages and it was a relaxing way to get the party started. Jack was extremely professional and he is an absolutely awesome masseuse. I personally asked for a more deep tissue massage and I was sore for two days! (in a good way) 

I have had many massages in the Austin area and I have a hard time finding someone who asks the right questions before they start the massage. Jack took the time to talk to each guest and find out what they liked and didn't like in a massage. He also focused on each individual guests problem areas. I will be contacting Jack soon to schedule a massage for my son's birthday. 

I cannot say enough good things about this experience!! Jack is the real deal as a masseuse and you will not be disappointed!"

~ Susan Mais, Leander, Texas – via Thumbtack


"I am an athlete and entrepreneur and my experience with Jack could not have gone better. He showed up 20 minutes prior to get properly set up. He was professional, courteous, exceptionally thorough in his preparation. The actual massage itself was heaven. I got 90 minutes of a deep sports massage. He was careful to take time to understand my issues and needs. I subsequently have set up a bi-weekly appointment with Jack. I could not have been more pleased."

~ Jessica Ewing, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack


"Jack had an excellent professional manner. He was great at communicating about setting up an appointment as well as during the session. I feel the benefits of the session weeks later. I hired him for a 90-minute massage, not reiki. He did some reiki at the end, which I am unsure how to evaluate; it was interesting and didn't hurt."

~ Johanna Whitmore, Round Rock, Texas – via Thumbtack

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"Jack's skills are excellent. He is very professional, made sure I was comfortable each step of the way, and he gave me one of the best massages I've had in a long time. I recommend him ... he's worth it."

~ Mari Hubig, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack


"Jack was right on time and did a fabulous job. He was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely be hiring him again."

~ Caroline Bruner, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack


"My experience with Jack was fantastic. I appreciated his punctuality, attentiveness and professionalism. He as was thorough in ensuring I was satisfied and comfortable. I highly recommend him to those looking for outstanding treatment."

~ Cynthia Turner, San Antonio, Texas – via Thumbtack


"Better than good but not quite "outstanding""

~ Susan Benz, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack


"I hired Jack as a present for my mother's 60th birthday and he also ended up administering massages to two of her friends. They will not stop blowing up my phone about how incredible Jack was. And these are ladies that are not typically easy to please. Jack must be extremely good at this job!"

~ Brittany Skillern, Austin, Texas – via Thumbtack



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Monica R. - Austin, TX


Jack gives impeccable massages! He asked where my problem areas were and really listened as his caring attitude showed. I appreciated how attentive he was to those specific areas while providing a fabulous full-body massage. He is very professional and really took the time to specialize the massage for what I needed - something not many people do! Jack is a great businessman and massage therapist in that he truly cares about his customers and their well-being. Thanks Jack!


I know it's a bit late, but Thanks Monica!!!